Sunday, October 31, 2010

A fun Costume Day!

On Friday, PNA students wore costumes to school. We took a few minutes that morning to have some group skits using costume characters. This skit won. Good job, kids!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Election Day!!!

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  school 2010-2011 127

Registered students voted at the polls on Friday morning after the debate the previous Wednesday evening.  Their votes were counted from the back where Sister Linson recorded all the pushes of the levers after the bell was rung….except for Zach’s since he isn’t a registered student at PNA. 

We then made a video of  our results as presented by KPNA News.  Maddie  and Corey did a good job of presenting election results.  Ashlan and Ashlyn were at the Campaign Headquarters of both candidates to hear their reactions to the election results.

school 2010-2011 119 

Luke was elected president of PNA with a 1 vote lead.  Congratulations to both campaigns for a job well done. 

A Presidential Debate!

 school 2010-2011 091  Recently, Presidential Candidate Trent and his Vice-Presidential Running Mate, Aaron debated their  competition…..Luke and his Vice-Presidential Running Mate, Erica.    They gave an outstanding debate.  school 2010-2011 093

school 2010-2011 095school 2010-2011 097  Afterwards, we all enjoyed delicious refreshments.  school 2010-2011 094

We also enjoyed hearing what our Kindergarteners and Spanish students have learned.  Great job, kids. 

I didn’t have my camera with me on the front bench, so I didn’t get any pictures during the debate.  If I get any pictures, I will post them….

An Indoor Break!

school 2010-2011 049 school 2010-2011 050 school 2010-2011 048

Unfortunately sometimes we have to have breaks inside due to weather.  Our kids seem to enjoy staying  in from time to time.  They all chose to play the parachute game.  They had a good time doing so. 

Self Defense!

school 2010-2011 083 school 2010-2011 085 school 2010-2011 086 school 2010-2011 088

Recently, Mr. Lear taught our kids a self defense class.  Trent invited him to come and speak as part of Trent’s campaign to be school president.  The students thoroughly enjoyed their lesson. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A fun SPANISH Review Game!

school 2010-2011 042

school 2010-2011 044

school 2010-2011 045

Spanish students recently had fun reviewing Spanish clothing items with a fun review game.  The girls pulled from behind to beat the boys.  Good job, girls!

Still Having Fun in Kindergarten

school 2010-2011 004

Our students are learning about the United States and their state Louisiana. 

school 2010-2011 007

They are also learning to find it on a globe. 

school 2010-2011 010 

D says d as in dinosaur….d d d.  Dinosaurs make good counters. 

school 2010-2011 015

We love puzzles.

school 2010-2011 016

We’re learning to write in cursive.  After the shaving cream activity, they have begged for it regularly. 

school 2010-2011 022

school 2010-2011 020

What fun!

school 2010-2011 041

F is for fox and fish……

school 2010-2011 031

We went fishing for a tournament to find out how much money we earned.  We counted out our pennies.  The wind on that boat really blew Sara’s hair.  :)

school 2010-2011 039

We counted our goldfish and put them in a pond.  Mmmmm.  We couldn’t hardly keep them out of our mouths.