Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Honorary Field Trip!

Several of our students enjoyed a field trip today.  They were given a challenge, they met the requirements.  They had to make an A or B on their Spelling tests, and they had to make A's, B’s, or C’s on all their tests or quizzes.  These kids met the challenge and enjoyed a day away from school.  dad 331 dad 332 dad 333 dad 321 dad 322 dad 323 dad 324 dad 325 dad 326 dad 327 dad 328 dad 329 dad 330

I’d say that lunch, an Imax, Party Central, and ice cream was a pretty awesome reward.  Wouldn’t you? 

Well, another challenge has been set.  When progress reports are printed next Tuesday, students will be able to attend yet another field trip if their progress report reads all A’s. B’s, and C’s.  Stay tuned to see who meets this challenge. 

Get on your mark, get set, and STUDY! 

Friday, September 25, 2009



    School 2009-2010 360

Today our students were excited to be able to come to school out of uniform and dressed as twins…..

School 2009-2010 361 School 2009-2010 362


School 2009-2010 359

or even quadruplets.  Some NERDY ones at that.   But these ole guys were happy to find out that were runners up in the days competition.  Good job, boys. 


Well, the next little group of apple pickers were glad to take a bite out of 3rd place!

 School 2009-2010 049  School 2009-2010 358

That’s right!  These ole apple picking girls won 3rd place.

School 2009-2010 356

Good job, Lauran and…..

School 2009-2010 050

Abby.  You have just the right faces for bright red apple stickers. 

School 2009-2010 357

These girls displayed some American pride and won 2nd place.  How creative, girls!

School 2009-2010 363

These ole football playing guys are real CHAMPIONS and REAL TEAM PLAYERS ! 

   School 2009-2010 365

They took home the 1st place title!  But…..

School 2009-2010 364

all of PNA students are winners for their enthusiastic participation.  Good job, kids.

School 2009-2010 355

Even the ole teachers got into the fun….and had a fun morning just a rounding up an excited group of cowpokes.  


Caught you, Tyler!

Abby is enjoying working on her sailboat art. Good Job, Abby!
Ashlyn and Erica are waiting to begin their next subject. Life is tough in the 8th grade.
Trent and Corey are enjoying taking Algebra together. They are doing a good job at it as well.
Bentley is writing in his journal.
Well, these are a few shots I had that I had not yet posted. I haven't had my camera at school much lately.
However, I'll be sure to post some pictures of a fun day tomorrow. Be sure to stay posted.
Have a great day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aren't we glad for Prayer in School?

Grades 1-6 share prayer requests....
and PRAY!
Students in grades 7-12 share their needs and praises......
and bring their petitions to the throne of a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for them. I'm thankful that we have the opportunity to pray each day.

A Little of This and That!

Bentley works on a journal!
Lucas shows off a BEAUTIFUL handwriting page.

Luke shows us a new SCIENCE book.
Nicholas and his computer teacher.....
Lauran does a good job of paying attention to her teacher.

The first day of School!

We started school again this year with a Back to School Breakfast. The kids and parents seem to enjoy this time together before the big day.
Zach sure enjoyed his time with a favorite person ----Aunt Robbie. (June here is your picture of the school mascot...Zach)
Corey and Tyler...I think Corey was done!
Most of the parents came up with the students to see the school and listen to the opening remarks.
Here is Chloe showing her school survival kit. This is a pretty exciting time as the kids empty their bookbags, get their desks organized, and put away their supplies.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Abby and Bentley are in the 1st grade! They are big kids now!
Lucas is our big ole' 2nd grader!

Lauran is in the 3rd grade!

Luke has the 5th grade under control.

And for the 6th grade: Nicholas, Aaron, Hannah and Chloe'

Michael showing off his catch! :)

Our 7th graders----Michael and Ashlan E.

And for the 8th grade---Ashlyn M. and Erica Our brand new high school students---Tyler and Maddie
the 10th grade----Trent
and for the 11th grade---Corey! We are looking forward to a great year. With these kids, I know it will be great!