Wednesday, April 7, 2010


zach 3 years 007

What do you know about fish? 

zach 3 years 004

Well, biologist, Trent and his observer, Maddie probably know a little more than they did…..unless Maddie kept her nose covered the whole time. 

zach 3 years 003zach 3 years 006  No, she didn’t!  She followed along in Trent’s book and learned a little more about her fishy friends. 

6th Grade Happenings

  zach 3 years 034

The Washington Monument and thezach 3 years 033  Lincoln Memorial models were created by the following 2 girls. 

zach 3 years 036 zach 3 years 037

Chloe and Hannah met a 6th grade challenge and created a 3D project for extra credit.  Good Job, girls. 

zach 3 years 017 

Aaron works on an art project.  

zach 3 years 015

Chloe is really thinking. zach 3 years 016

Hannah works to get her project just right!