Friday, June 26, 2009

The Good News Cruise!

Wow! It's already here! It's time for the big presentation of the Good News Cruise! We have spent much time preparing, and now it's time to present to about 150 people!
Our kids boarded the ship and awaited the time of departure!

Oh, it's a "Good News Cruise, a Good News Cruise"!
Mr. Young talks to "Lostin Leftfield" and is instrumental in helping him learn about Christ!
The kids enjoyed playing a game of silent ball on the cruise.
Lostin is not sure of all of this Christian "stuff"!
The kids enjoyed playing the word game on the cruise as the Caribbean band watched.
Lostin was still not sure of what these people were talking about.
Lukers Anofficer was ready to share the Bible with Lostin.
Lostin watched how these people reacted during a storm that rocked their ship.
They sang and sang songs aboard the cruise.
Lostin began to think that maybe God is real.
He was given a Bible from the missionaries who were going ashore.
He began studying God's Word and was saved!
The kids did an awesome job of presenting the Good News Cruise. Afterwards they found out who earned special awards for the year. Congratulations to all those who worked hard to earn special honors.
Also, a special thanks goes to Misty McLain for taking pictures! Thanks, Misty!:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


What could these two girls be looking for on such hot summer day? Well, they are looking for pennies on Field Day!
Misty McLain watches as students toss frisbees through hula hoops.
Tyler tries to see how many jumps he can jump in 30 seconds.
Michael and Corey try to throw a "javelin"! I wonder who is the champ!
Corey is the king of the javelin throw!
Erica is having a great day!
What better way to cool off than with icecream and frozen pops!
Lauran is enjoying her treat!
This is delicious!
Trent is trying to get his team all pepped up! However, the Sea Monsters had a hard time beating Corey's Great White Sharks!
Ashlyn and Brian enjoy participating in team relays.
Ashlan and Hannah have a hard time keeping the ball in the rackets.
Look at Nicholas and Lucas go!
Who can fill the buckets first?

The Great White Sharks tied with the Sea Monsters on this game!

The balloon toss came to an abrupt end! A thunderstorm!
So inside we went .....
What fun they had playing with our new parachute!
We had a great day out in the hot sun! We also had fun enjoying the indoor air. Thanks to all who helped! :)