Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are we having Chapel?

school 2010-2011 153 school 2010-2011 154

Students ask that question each Wednesday.  We had our first chapel service recently.  Ashlan and Maddie took care of the music and specials.  They did an OUTSTANDING  job.  It ended with Brother Steve’s Bible lesson about Samson. 

What is a Veterinarian ?

school 2010-2011 147

school 2010-2011 151 school 2010-2011 123 school 2010-2011 124 school 2010-2011 130

Luke learned about Magnolia Trees.

school 2010-2011 138

Recently, Luke presented information about the Magnolia tree.  He did an excellent job on his poster and presentation.  Good job, Luke. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

We’re Working on Numbers!

school 2010-2011 027 school 2010-2011 028 school 2010-2011 029

To help Kindergarten students learn numbers, we made number worms.   Alex and Sara had fun ordering and practicing numbers. 

On the Campaign Trail

school 2010-2011 019

school 2010-2011 022 school 2010-2011 032 school 2010-2011 033  school 2010-2011 038

Our students were recently busy trying to get votes for the primary held at Pilgrim Nazarene Academy.   They worked hard bringing in guests to help them capture a vote or two.  They also brought in plenty of treats.  We had nachos, chocolate chip cookies,and snow cones from the snow cone truck.  Trent and Luke are the candidates for the Presidential Election to be held soon.  We will be having a debate on October 3, 2010.  Please invite your family and friends to attend. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We’re on a Mission!

 school 2010-2011 001school 2010-2011 006 school 2010-2011 004 school 2010-2011 002

PNA students are on a mission to earn the votes of their peers!  They want to be president of PNA.  Flyers and posters have been handed out readily.  The Norwood/Newsom campaign passed out sunglasses.  Chloe’ went home with a headache and came back to an office full of kind wishes.  Maybe we should have a campaign everyday. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spanish is fun!

Various occasions 2010 322

Various occasions 2010 323 Various occasions 2010 324

Our 9th and 10th graders are doing a great job in Spanish.  They just completed their 1st test.  All of them made an A or a B.  Wow!  I’m impressed.  They are having a great time taking it together.  As you can see, they are really enjoying their conversation time.  They are very competitive so they try to say as much as they can so they can mark themselves a point. 

Learning in Kindergarten!

Various occasions 2010 319 Various occasions 2010 317

Various occasions 2010 320 Various occasions 2010 327

Various occasions 2010 330  Various occasions 2010 338   Various occasions 2010 336

A Visit from the Fire Department!

Various occasions 2010 303

Various occasions 2010 275 Various occasions 2010 291 Various occasions 2010 308 Various occasions 2010 301 Various occasions 2010 295

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Colorful Spirit Day!

 school 2010-2011 022

Whether they came in all white….. all black….

school 2010-2011 023 school 2010-2011 025

all blue……all pink…..all red…..

school 2010-2011 027 school 2010-2011 030

or gray or even Camo…..PNA students had a great day on their recent Spirit Day.  These days are excellent ways to help to make school fun for our kids! 


school 2010-2011 088

PNA students are enjoying Spanish class this year.  They are doing an outstanding  job on their tests and quizzes.  They are enjoying being able to converse together during group interaction times. 

More Kindergarten Fun!

school 2010-2011 066

These kindergarteners sure do love Ellie the Elephant to help them with their vowel sounds.  They are always wanting Ellie to to visit them.  Sara sure has a way of keeping Ellie in line.   

school 2010-2011 068

Working on number concepts sure is better when you have a snack every now and then. 

school 2010-2011 065

We can spell our name. 


school 2010-2011 041school 2010-2011 062 school 2010-2011 063  school 2010-2011 044 school 2010-2011 045 school 2010-2011 048 school 2010-2011 050 school 2010-2011 051 school 2010-2011 052 school 2010-2011 053 school 2010-2011 056 school 2010-2011 058 school 2010-2011 059 school 2010-2011 061

PNA students were excited last Wednesday when the snow cone truck rolled into our parking lot.  They sure impressed the vendors.  The owner told Joel that his wife couldn’t get over how well behaved yet excited our kids were.  That sure makes this teacher proud.  :)