Saturday, January 23, 2010

100% on an Algebra Semester Exam!

school 2009-2010 003  school 2009-2010 005

Well, we’ve  had students who have made some amazing 100% scores.  But we had one who scored a 100% on an Abeka Algebra Semester Exam, and she made her teacher pretty proud.  Good job, Maddie ! 

Her teacher was so impressed that she gave her 4 points for the merit store, a You Rock card, 2 treats from the candy jar, a nice cozy chair for the afternoon, and allowed Trent (his idea)  to run home to get 2 large trophies to place above her desk.  I think her classmates were equally  impressed. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


zach 3 years 088 zach 3 years 091 zach 3 years 092 zach 3 years 097

Our students recently enjoyed celebrating Trent’s 16th birthday.  They also enjoyed getting to see Adonna, a previous classmate’s, baby boy.  As you can see Abby is proud.