Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


School 2009-2010 006POPCORN, anyone?   Well, these kids were takers.  They were excited about their little party.  They earned it.  These students were our PNA  A  and  B Honor Roll students!  School 2009-2010 001  School 2009-2010 008

They specified that they wanted Act II Extra Butter Popcorn.  They also had plenty of candy and drinks. 

School 2009-2010 007 

School 2009-2010 015 School 2009-2010 016 School 2009-2010 017 School 2009-2010 018 School 2009-2010 019 School 2009-2010 020

They ended their time by making place cards for our Thanksgiving Dinner. 

What a great group of kids! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a Debate! Should teens be allowed to have Cell Phones?



Well, what a debate they had!  The Pros and Cons did a great job of presenting their opinions about cell phone usage among teens.  However, the pros (the blue team) was chosen by the judges as having the best presentations. 

I thought it was neat when Maddie called her team to prayer before beginning the debate.  Her mom told me that Maddie was nervous.  Aren’t we glad for a Heavenly Father who is concerned about our cares?

Corey did a good job of keeping the debate going.  Ashlyn M. did a great job of keeping time.  She didn’t even have to ring her bell once.  Imagine that!  None of our kids went over their time limit. 

Our lower level kids presented Old McDonald using hand bells.  They did an outstanding job.  Thanks Erica for working with these kids! 

Thanks to all the parents who came to our debate.  Your support means the world to our kids.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You are invited to a debate on the pros and cons of cell phone usage. We will be having it this Thursday at 2:25 PM in our school. Please feel free to come and see what several of our students have been working on for extra credit.