Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten Fun!

 school 2010-2011 107

Alex and Sara have been having a good time in Kindergarten…and so has their teacher.  They have been reviewing their ABC’s with some Chica Chica Boom Boom fun.  What a great book! 

school 2010-2011 095 school 2010-2011 079  school 2010-2011 108

They have been making patterns……

  school 2010-2011 066

Building BIG block towers……school 2010-2011 081

learning letter sounds…..school 2010-2011 097

and reviewing their colors using interactive play at the ice cream shop.  This is one of their favorites…..and Zachy’s too.  They are even practicing manners. 

school 2010-2011 084 school 2010-2011 085 school 2010-2011 087

They are also practicing same and differences and SO MUCH MORE. 



school 2010-2011 058

Students and Parents were welcomed back to school recently.

school 2010-2011 061

Brother Steve admonished students to do their very best this school year.  Each one of them has a blank slate. 

school 2010-2011 063We then searched through book bags!  As a warm up activity, families dug through backpacks looking for items listed on a school supply scavenger hunt.  The Eguias and the

   school 2010-2011 062

Vances tied.  Good job to all. 

I hope this is the best year ever at PNA.  Please pray for students and teachers each day as God lays us upon your hearts. 


school 2010-2011 073school 2010-2011 071 school 2010-2011 046 school 2010-2011 047 school 2010-2011 048 school 2010-2011 054  school 2010-2011 044

Students and parents enjoyed a Back To School Breakfast on the first morning of school.  This tradition is one we have been doing the last few years.  It  is becoming a school favorite. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


 zach 3 years 104zach 3 years 119zach 3 years 106 

zach 3 years 095  zach 3 years 096 zach 3 years 097 zach 3 years 099

zach 3 years 108

Our students ended the school year with an awesome program.  They did a top notch job on their talent show entitled PNA’s Got Talent.  They sure made their teacher proud, and I know a whole lot of parents were proud as well.  Good Job, kids!